Support Sequoia's Enrichment Classes

Help continue to fund and grow Sequoia's Garden, Art, Music and Science classes

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Help continue to fund and grow Sequoia's Garden, Art, Music and Science classes

Imagine your child's school year without the beautiful gardens, science class, art class or drumming/music! Enrichment classes are fun for the kids and they build the necessary skills that will help our kids excel. These classes are part of what makes Sequoia a special and unique school but we can only continue them with your support. OUSD DOES NOT FUND THESE CLASSES, WE THE PARENTS DO.

There is nothing to sell, buy or any event to attend. This is the easiest and biggest fundraiser of the year. For as little as $40 each month ($480 a year), you can fund one child's classes for the year. If you can donate more to help cover your child's classmate - even better! Please help support those that cannot donate.

At Back to School Night, Ms. Ada Carter kicked off the campaign with a plea for the parents to go above and beyond. With our donations, she hopes to bring more equity to the school and to take Sequoia to a new level. Let's help our new principal achieve her dream and please donate whatever amount you can.

Remember this?

Maybe this?

Ms. Carter, "might" be convinced to do something crazy if ALL forms are turned back in so please turn in that envelope even if you don't have a donation.

She needs 100% participation to convince her to do something wacky. Stop her at school and give your suggestions! ;-)

Thank you for supporting Sequoia's enrichment classes, the teachers and our amazing community.